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Feed Grade Zinc Oxide

Feed Grade Zinc Oxide is used as a trace element additive for animal feed (premix) production. It is sprecially processed zinc oxide without heavy metals.

Feed Grade Zinc Oxide

Produced as 72% and 75% ZnO according to customer demand with European *FamiQS standards.

Annual Capacity: 15.000 Tonnes.

FamiQS: European Feed Additives and Premixes Quality System. FAMI-QS is a pioneer in its field as it is the only certifiable code specifically aimed at specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures. It was also the first Community Guide to Good Practice to obtain official recognition from the European Commission as foreseen in the Feed Hygiene Regulation.

The FAMI-QS code is designed for international validity; thus, participants in FAMI-QS can be found all over the world. Today, certified companies are spread across more than 49 countries. Furthermore, we have a worldwide network of certification bodies which allows the implementation of FAMI-QS in any part of the globe.

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