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Nano Technology

Nano Silver and collodial silver have attracted the attention of the scientific community for many years due to their anti-bacterial effects and the ability of bacteria to develop antibiotics to resist silver. In the past, the Persians and later the Greeks and Romans discovered the anti-bacterial feature of silver and protected it by transporting its water and food in silverware.

It is a known fact that the use of silver by the aristocratic families of the Middle Ages plague epidemics and their teams caused these families to survive the plague epidemic with minimal casualties. The reduction of silver to nano size increases the activity of bacteria, fungi and viruses by increasing its activation.

The metabolism of bacteria, viruses or fungus cells that come into contact with the nano silver is deteriorated and the enzymes become ineffective by the electrical interaction and the cells die. At this time, silver ions do not react with any cells in the human body and do not harm them. Membrane in human cells prevents the effect of silver ion inside the cell. Therefore, it is accepted that nano silver does not harm human health, domestic animals, in other words, multi-celled organisms.

During the function, the nano silver does not react in any way, it does not deteriorate in shape and the continuity of its function is maintained. It is not necessary to continuously add silver. In treatments with common antibiotics, viruses and bacteria develop defense mechanisms against antibiotics over time, so antibiotics remain effective. Since nano silver breaks the metabolism of viruses and bacteria, there is no opportunity to develop any defense system. Thus, the loss of nano silver effect is absolutely out of question and is not consumed like antibiotics.

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