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Our Quality Policy


Our Quality Policy;  

In order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level;

To produce our products in accordance with national and international standards.

To comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System.

It is our company's quality policy to continuously improve our quality management system with the satisfaction and participation of our employees.


Our Product Safety Policy;

It agrees to comply with national and international relevant legal regulations and other requirements regarding product safety.

 In line with this policy;

  1. To ensure that all inputs related to product quality and safety comply with specifications, to prevent and control physical, chemical and pollution in the supply, production, storage - shipment process stages,
  2. To make systematic arrangements for healthy and reliable products, to provide safe products in accordance with defined and measurable quality parameters,
  3. To benefit from technological innovations in a suitable infrastructure and working environment to increase product safety,
  4. To ensure the conscious participation of our employees by making use of communication and training opportunities in providing healthy and reliable products,
  5. To implement procedures and instructions, to keep records and to fulfill the requirements by following legal obligations in order to ensure the suitability, development and continuity of the system established by considering human and animal health,
  6. Aims continuously improve the system by constantly evaluating and following customer requests and legal requirements.
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